10 Great Interior Design Tips to Make Good Impression

You want to impress your guests by your style sense? These interior design tips will make a lasting impression on your friends and family.

1. Make a stunning foyer

Your foyer is the heart of your home. No matter how small or large your foyer is, you want it to be a welcoming and comfortable space that impresses guests. The entryway can be used to introduce your style and give them a preview of what the rest of the house looks like.

Do not clutter your entryway with slippers, bags, and other paraphernalia. The foyer shown below is an example of how it’s done.

2. Make sure to use a lot of greenery

The addition of green plants to your home can make it stand out and enhance its decor. You can use a variety of potted plants to enhance your home, such as large palms placed in corners or arrangements of succulents on countertops or tabletops. Also, consider leafy creepers that grow on windowsills. A vertical indoor garden is a refreshing addition to your home decor that will be loved by guests.

3. Choose a color scheme that reflects your personality

Design thinking is not complete without considering the colours you choose for your spaces. Warm tones are bright and energetic for the family gathering spaces like the living and dining rooms. Bedrooms are best suited for cool, soothing shades such as blue, green and violet.

To make the most of the colors you have selected, you can use a combination of two or three tones. To create harmony in the space, choose colours that don’t clash.

4. Pay attention to the lighting!

Lighting is crucial in making first impressions that last. You can make a dramatic impression if your guests come over at night by using table lamps and floor lamps to create pools of light. Warmer lighting makes a room feel more inviting and intimate. While crisp white lights can be used for specific tasks, warm yellow lighting will make a space feel more welcoming and cozy. A pendant light or a tray of lighting above the table can give the dinnertime a unique look.

5. Mirrors are a great idea

Mirrors are an interior designer’s best friend. Mirrors can visually increase the size of small rooms or make dark rooms appear larger. They can be placed in a way that reflects and bounces light from a bright source of light, or to reflect beautiful views.

6. Design Stunning Bathrooms

A beautifully designed bathroom and well-maintained powder room will impress guests. It’s a great place to start: wall to wall fitted mirrors with gleaming tiles, ultra-modern fixtures and shining tiles. Make sure you have plenty of scented candles and super-soft towels. A few plants can be the perfect finishing touch.

7. Invest in Artwork

You never know when you might be able to buy artwork from lesser-known artists. You can find pieces that you like at art shows or in design schools exhibitions. You can make a large piece or art the focal point of your living space and create a conversation starter. In a modern setting, smaller prints in black frame look great.

8. Pay attention to your kitchen design

The kitchen is the focal point of the home. It is the place where guests gather to eat. If your kitchen design is beautiful and functional, it will make your home the talk of town. You should keep your countertops clean and your cabinets in good shape, especially if you have an open-plan kitchen. To make your kitchen appear bigger, choose lighter-coloured cabinets if it is small.

This galley kitchen is small but very tasty!

9. Opt for Black and White

The theme of black/white is a constant theme. This proven combination has been tried and true for many years. This classic room color scheme is timeless and will not go out of fashion. You might consider adding a blackboard to one wall. This will allow you to scribble graffiti and love notes for those close to you.

10. Pay attention to the guest room!

Your guests will fall in love with you home if their guest rooms are extraordinary. The guest bedroom should be the perfect place to stay overnight. You can create a beautiful space with ample storage and a comfortable and cozy bed. Add thoughtful touches to show that you are thinking of your guests!

These decorating ideas will make your guests green with envy! Let us know which ones you’ve tried. What did you think?

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