How to Choose the Right Area Rug

An area rug can act as an artwork or a background to other decors. You could take a room with a Turkish rug in dark red and swap it for a plain sisal one or a Moroccan tile print to make a French Aubusson. A simple change can transform a room from bland to bold, traditional to modern, contemporary to classic, or even timeless to contemporary. There are several factors to consider when choosing the right area rug for you.

Rug styles

There are many options for area rugs. There are many options for room rugs, not just the classic European or Persian styles. These time-honoured options can be complemented by modern and contemporary options, including bold florals and strong geometrics.

Before you settle on a style, make sure to research the available options and consider what atmosphere you would like to create in your space. An area rug does not have to match every piece of furniture in the room. However, it should be compatible with all textures and colors.


When choosing an area rug, color is the best starting point. You must think about the colors you love and how you would like to live with them day in and day outside. But that’s not all. It’s important to choose the right color for your rug.

Consider how different colors can be used with the furniture you already own. A rug with neutral tones, or one color, is better for rooms with lots of patterns and color. Consider how different rug colors can be used with different flooring and ceiling tones. You can make rugs stand out or blend in with the surroundings, so consider what effect you are trying to achieve when choosing a color.

Rug patterns

Although not everyone loves patterns, a patterned rug can bring life to a room mostly made of solid colors. A solid rug can also be a great option for calming down if you have patterned furniture. Balance is key. If your room has been furnished already, consider this before you purchase a rug. Consider what design is best for you if the rug is the first item you purchase. Are you looking for something bold or more subtle? Consider how you want the pattern to work with your colors.

Area Rug Sizes

One of the most common decorating errors is a rug too small for the space. The minimum distance between the edges and walls of most rooms of average size should be approximately 10 to 20 inches. Depending on the room’s size, you can have as little as 8 inches or as much as 24 inches. You should ensure that the rug is properly centred in your room. Also, ensure that the distance between the rug’s edge and the wall is equal on all sides.

Rugs can be used to define spaces. You can also use rugs to define spaces if you have an open space or layer rugs. It’s best to think about the space you want to highlight and then choose a size. But remember, it’s better not to go too small than too large.

High Pile vs Low Piles

It is important to consider the type of pile you desire when choosing a rug. Low-pile rugs are more durable than high-pile ones and easier to clean and vacuum. They are also cheaper than high-pile rugs. Longer pile rugs are more comfortable underfoot and make rooms feel cozier and more welcoming. A low-pile rug such as a rug dhurrie or kilim will work well in rooms that get a lot. However, a thicker rug will last a long time in rooms that don’t see a lot.


The rug you choose should reflect your lifestyle. A white rug with a large pile is not recommended for people who have pets or children. A flatweave rug that hides stains will last longer and be easier to clean and maintain. A flatweave rug won’t work if you are looking to create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. You will want something softer with a higher pile. It will not withstand damage as well as something with lower piles.


Be honest about the amount of work you are willing and able to do when choosing a rug. Rugs should be regularly vacuumed and rotated. Flatweave rugs can be vacuumed easily, but they are also easy to take outside and beat the old-fashioned way. High-pile rugs can be more difficult to clean and should be sent away or cleaned at home by professionals.

Whatever type of rug you choose, make sure that the pad matches the material and flooring. If possible, avoid exposing a rug to direct sun. Also, don’t allow stains to set. These things can cause damage to your rug, no matter what kind you choose.


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