How To Easily Clean A Floor Rug

A rug is a great addition to our living rooms. It makes it feel more cozy, adds personality to the space and protects the area where we sit on the sofa. This is also the most difficult area to clean. Dirt builds upon the rug and settles underneath it.

Next week I will be getting our new lounge suite, so I’ll be using the opportunity to clean our rug while we move over lounges.

OUR LIVING ROOM RUG, Unfortunately, this rug is temporarily out-of-stock!


Basic clean every 2-3 weeks.

Regularly cleaning rugs can help to keep them in great condition.

  1. Clean the rug’s top.
  2. Surprisingly, vacuums don’t always pick up pet hair. So every few weeks, I sprinkle baking soda (1 cup baking soda + 10 drops purify essential oil). This helps to remove pet hairs from the rug and deodorize it.

TIP: Use a squeegee to clean the rug. The rubber will pull hairs up and make it easier for you to vacuum.

PURIFY EXTRA OLIVE OIL – The Purify Cleansing Blend replaces unpleasant odours and protects against environmental hazards. It creates an airy scent that purifies the air naturally, in a safe manner.

SCANDI ROUG – A contemporary design currently in fashion, Scandi is a minimal style using neutrals and creams.


Every 6-12 months,

You will find care labels on most rugs. Read them to learn how to clean it properly.

  1. Clean the rug’s top.
  2. Move the rug away from the cleaning area by rolling it up. It will crease if you fold it.
  3. To remove dust buildup, vacuum and mop the area where the rug was placed.
  4. Turn the rug upside-down.
  5. Vacuum the rug’s bottom.
  6. You can flip the rug over and give it a deep cleaning. Many great products will give your rugs a thorough clean. To ensure that there are no colour bleeds, I recommend doing a color test in a corner.
  7. You can hang your rug outside for a few hours if you don’t feel like shampooing it. Natural disinfection will occur when the rug is exposed to sunlight.
  8. Place rug back in its original place. However, you can rotate it 180 degrees to ensure that the rug wears evenly.


If required.

Keeping your carpets clean and stains free can be difficult, especially if you have small children or pets. I’ve tried many commercial carpet cleaners over the years and was not happy with their results. They spread the stain instead of cleaning it. A Homemade Carpet Cleaner is my current favorite. It works great and is extremely affordable!

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