Some Tips for Arranging Accessories

1 Tabletop Order

You can store books, flowers and other decorative items on coffee tables. Use trays to group items such as ceramics or pillar candles to keep them neat and organized. You can group candles of different sizes and colours in one tray and bowls or vases. You can then jazz up a stack by adding a container filled with found objects to the top.

2 Coffee table tips

You can layer accessories on a coffee table that isn’t adorned.

3 Art and Accessories working together

A striking wall artwork can be used to complement a tabletop with accessories. Hang the art 8-12 inches above the table to create a pleasing connection between the items. You can complete the effect by placing some accessories on the tabletop that are tall enough to cover the artwork. This will make the art and accessories look like one unit.

4 Focus On A Collection

Reduce the number of collectables you have. An eclectic collection of collectables scattered about a room can distract the eye from one thing. Keep your collection of similar-sized or identical items. For maximum impact, group your favourite items in one place.

5 Tricks to Make Bed Pillows More Comfortable

These bed pillow arrangement tips will make your bed look magazine-worthy.

6 Give objects a lift

Booklets can be colourful, graphic pedestals for frames photos and other treasured items. This mantel is interesting by using alternating horizontal and vertical stacks of books. The same idea can be used on any shelf or in the middle of a table.

7 Multiple Shelf Arrangements

Favourite objects can be grouped in odd numbers, which is more pleasing to the eye than odd-number groups. A shelf display can feel more like art than storage. You can do this by using a variety of heights and shapes and leaving some space between the objects.

8 Sofa Pillows Arrangements

The perfect arrangement can make pretty pillows even more beautiful. Here’s how.

9 EyeRhythm

To guide your eye, use scale and height. A mirror made from schoolhouse windows adds vertical interest to this living area. It is used to display a collection of treasures on a French farm table. The eye naturally moves from the mirror to a stone-base lamp and then down to brown-and-white transferware in a tray before returning to the mirror to see the pillar candles.

10 Graphic Variety

For visual interest, you can vary their sizes and shapes. A few carefully chosen pieces will fill the small space left on the side table in your living room. A unique, colourful lamp is a focal point in this space, alongside round paperweights, rectangular boxes, and a glass pitcher with flowers.

11 The Merrier the More

Multiplying one item can make an impact. A series of similar maps, all framed in white, becomes the main focal point on this mantel. For added interest, add a few smaller objects to the foreground to complement the main Display without overwhelming it.

12 Play With Contrast

To make collections stand out, display them against a contrasting background. This dining room display showcases creamware and statuary against a black armoire. A fern in a lattice weave planter and pears in a footed compote is small touches adding colour and life to the grouping.

13 Wall Display

A graphic display space such as this prefabricated storage unit can be used to showcase a variety of similar items, from books and dishes to photos and travel mementoes. Repeat the square cubbies and connect the spaces with repeated colours to make an impact. Place tall objects backwards and smaller items forward in each cubicle. The same principle applies to multiple long shelves hung on one side of the wall.

14 The Lineup

To arrange a collection of similar items, use a long shelf. Vintage watering cans will feel right at home on this porch. You can use a similar ledge to display plates in a breakfast area or to keep porcelain figurines and stuffed animals out of the way in a child’s room.

15 Find Balance

Use an asymmetrical arrangement to harmonize objects of different sizes and shapes. You can balance a tall object with many smaller objects. To increase the arrangement’s visual mass, nestle the items together and overlap shapes to create layers. To unify disparate objects, choose items in the same colour palette.

16 Create Vignettes

Two large louvred shutters give the illusion of a small room. You can highlight special pieces by isolating them. Sparkling glass cloches (bell Jars) are used to cover little birds’ nests with style and shine. This technique can be used to create intimacy and charm with large furniture arrangements and smaller accessories.

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