In the spotlight: what is the best way of sanding wooden floors

Sanding hardwood floors is never easy. The project is best accomplished by a professional team. You need specialized tools in many cases. You may also come across stains that are never easy to remove even if you are using the best tools.

The task seems scary if you are performing it for the very first time. You can hire the best floor sanding in Melbourne services. The best thing about professional hardwood floor sanding services is that they are always willing to take up challenging jobs.

If you have already decided to carry out the task on your own then you need to be a little patient. You can follow the simple steps that are listed below to ensure the task goes on well.

Remove the base shoe

If there is a wooden floor then it certainly is rested on top of the base shoe frame. It is not possible to sand the wooden floors unless you have removed the base shoe. Once the sanding task is done then the base shoe can be reinstalled back again.

This is one of the ways you can ensure that the sanding has been done perfectly. So it is always best to get started with the prying part in the initial stage.

Eliminate stains

Any wooden floor might develop stains at any time. But the fact to keep in mind is that all types of stains are not easy to remove you have to identify the type of stains that can be treated with easy after sanding.

In case you come across pet stains then you have to replace the entire wooden plank as well. Some pet stains might not be possible to remove so the plank has to be replaced.

Prep part

Before you get started with the sanding process it is important to prepare the room. To get started it is important to consider all electrical points. The HVAC units also have to be covered and switched off. All the vents nearby to the floor or on higher elevations should also be covered.

In case you are having coverings on the windows and doors then you have to remove them. When sanding, the wooden dust easily gets airborne. Proper protection is essential. All the fixtures also have to be removed from the room.

Rental options

This is the best possible option for homeowners who may want to undertake the sanding task on their own. You can also rent the sanding machine from the market. This is one way you can get the job done more efficiently. But it is important to rent a machine that you will be able to operate.

Do not try and grab a machine that you cannot use comfortably. Once the sanding is done, you may have to polish the wooden floors. The task is time-consuming and hiring a professional team is the best solution.

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