Easy and Impactful DIY Home Decor Ideas for Lockdown

Are you feeling overwhelmed by isolation? Are you finding social isolation a bit overwhelming? It is essential to find creative and innovative ways to spend your time with India locked down. You will be able to think beyond organizing your kitchen cabinets and cleaning out your closet. You can get creative and have fun with DIY crafts. Crafting can be a satisfying activity that will give you a sense of accomplishment and keep you busy for hours. You can reduce stress hormones by doing this. You can also upcycle your home by knitting, crafting, and other creative activities if you have the time.

Modify the Lampshade

Let’s begin with the transformation of your favorite lamp. You can personalize it with different design elements. You could paint the lampshade’s base and change the fabric. Grab some paint, a brush and a piece of colorful cloth. Spray adhesive is also available.

Woollen Coasters:

Are you looking to donate or dispose of sweaters, cardigans, or coats? You can then take one or two sweaters, coats, or cardigans and cut them into a round, square, or rectangular shape. In no time, you will have woolen coasters. You can either make a design or leave it plain. This is a quick and fun activity that you can do quickly.

Rope Basket

It is a cute, quick, and useful craft that you can make from scratch. You can use it to store keys, hair clips and jewelry, as well as other small items. You will be looking for storage solutions after all your time at home. Isn’t it? You will need a hot glue gun and heavy rope. Spray paint is also needed to make a rope basket. Spray paint is optional and is used to give the basket some color. You can also make a rope basket using a hot glue gun and rope.

Decorate Cushions

Are you tired of seeing the same plain cushions in your bedroom and living room? It’s time to make them more interesting. Grab tassels and pom-poms from the craft box, and get started. Make your home more interesting by redesigning all the cushions.

Picture Gallery:¬†One’s mood can be affected by the lockdown phase. Photo art is a great way to express yourself on such days. Take a look at old photos or other memories that will lift your spirits. Then print it out and stick it up on the wall. These pictures can be made into picture galleries, and you can keep adding to them as and when you feel bored or lonely.

Plate Art

Plates can be used to do more than serve delicious meals. You don’t have to keep the plates in the crockery drawer. You can take the plates and decorate a wall using them. These plates can make a beautiful addition to your kitchen or dining room wall. You can use plates in different sizes and colors to create a wall. This exercise will make you want to host your family and friends at the end.

Fringe Wall Hanging:

This home decor can be done with a metal ring and some yarn. This home decor is easy to make and will beautify your walls. These fringe wall hangings are a great way to give your home a cozy appeal. They can be used in any space.

Candle Craft:

This candle craft will add warmth to your home and create a cozy atmosphere. You will need empty glass jars and tea candles. Clean, dry and then salt the jars. Your candle craft is complete when you place a candle on top of the salt base. You can paint the glasses with any color you like and decorate any corner of your house.

Let us know what you think about these DIY ideas by commenting below. If you have any other DIY home decor ideas to share, please do. We would love to hear your ideas and help you.

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