Advantages of Whipped Soap Over Conventional Bar Soaps

Bath is not just about cleansing the body from dirt and sweat, but now it’s more about a relaxing experience. As soon as that gentle stream of water from the shower touches our body, we feel relaxed. For many, a bath is a meditative experience, where all the negative thoughts evaporate, the stress melts away, and we feel revitalised. 

People come with unique methods to make their bath a spa-like experience. And, when it comes to a soothing bath, soaps can’t be left out. They cleanse the body, supply the essential oils and create a refreshing environment. But, bar soaps make it extremely difficult to have a proper bath. Discovered years ago, they come in the same designs and fragrances and don’t meet the requirements of today. That’s why people switched to shower gels or whipped soaps. 

Available in vibrant colours, patterns and pleasant aromas, whipped soap has seen a surge in the personal care and hygiene industry. They offer a number of benefits over traditional bar soaps. Some of them are discussed below:

Avoid Slippery Dangers

We all have been there, where we are using the bar soap, and it just slips out of our hands. Picking that up from the bathroom floor and rubbing it on our skin seems gross. 

Moreover, if the bar soap is not properly stored and kids leave it on the floor, it can cause slippery accidents, which may result in a severe injury. 

Whipped soaps avoid all these dangers. They come in the form of a foam filled in a jar. Many manufacturers pack them in dispensers, making them easily accessible without opening the cap. So, you can take only the amount you use, reducing the waste!

Zero Wastage

You know bar soaps result in a lot of wastage. That’s why you have to buy a new set every week. The water in the dish gradually eats up a lot of soap, and it just flows through the holes in the soap dish. Additionally, after some time, the bar soap becomes like a thin chip that cannot be used and ultimately, we have to throw it away. 

A whipped soap comes as a foam stored in a bottle or jar. So, there is no question of wastage. We can scoop it using our fingers and apply it to the body. And when the jar is about to get empty, we can fill it with water for last time usage! 

Deliver Healthy Skin Benefits

Leading brands manufacture whipped soaps using a combination of essential oils, hydrating butters and other components. These essential oils have their own benefits, which make our skin smooth and hydrating. Many whipped soaps have soothing properties and can be used on almost all skin types. 

On the other hand, you may hear from dermatologists not to use soap for specific reasons. They cause irritation in the intimate areas and also make the skin dry. So, whipped soap is a wise choice. 

Benefits of Three-in-One

Bar soap is only soap. You can use it only for body cleansing. There is no other use of it. But, the whipped soap gives you the benefits of three products in one. Yes, you read it right. Whipped soaps can be used as a shaving cream, face wash and hair conditioner. So, now there is no need to invest in different products. Just a single whipped soap, and you can use it for a number of applications. 

Available in A Variety of Fragrances

Unlike bar soaps that come in 3 or 4 fragrance options, whipped soaps open a gateway to a variety of fragrances. We all know that fragrances play a significant role in our bathing experience. A pleasant smell makes the bath refreshing. So, whipped soaps come in a multitude of fragrance options. From the refreshing mint to the sweet blueberry bubblegum, there is a range of options available. 

So, it’s clear that whipped soap has many advantages over bar soap. It’s easy to use, has multiple skin benefits and serves more than one purpose. So, next time you go shopping, pick your favourite whipped soap!

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